The worst thing to do...

Most people, when they think of vampires go 'oh blood drinking monsters that can lift a car.
   They're wrong. They're much more diffrant than you'd expect. Vampires are mortal OK? They die just like you do. The only thing you've got to watch for is their teeth: lased with poison that eat's you from the inside out. Another thing: They don't drink blood, what would give you such a silly idea? Well they feed on prana. A mystical force that fuels the life of the life force of every living thing on the planet. They absorb it by touch: draining you till your a shrivled, half rotted corpse. They are the bane of the earth, infesting the darkest corners of the planet. Waiting for the next person to join their ranks as their blind fanged brethren.
   That's where I come in. I'm a killer, trained to eliminate these monstrostities before they infest the planet. they've been building in numbers snice the sun devolved into the reaches of deep space. Now only my kind: the sun warriors can restore the sun to it's former glory and banish these monsters to the deepest pits of the planet and destroyed.
  The mission has been on for a while and the creatures claim more of us every day, they approch the base and soon... WHAT THE???!!! 

The last transmission of the base in Sontardas where my father was fighting. I'm alone in the world because my mother died giving birth to me.

The End

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