The Worlds

In a land made up of two feuding worlds, Willow has always been just an over protected child living in the Over World. However, when she discovers a strange secret about her past, her travels, adventures, discoveries, and and romance are all set in motion.

      The cold of the park was getting more and more bitter as the minutes past, and Willow rubbed her palms together furiously. Whether it was out of the bitterness of the cold or out of her own bitterness, Willow could not say. One thing was for sure, though. She couldn’t stay here forever.
            She was just about to seriously consider trudging back home when she caught her breath quickly. She had felt a sudden sharp jolt in her chest. She could feel someone else’s emotions, someone else’s presence.  Willow did not move.  She was cold, confused, upset, and wanted to know who in the world had picked now of all times to be in the same park as her. She looked around hesitantly, without pivoting her body. She couldn’t see anyone on any of the benches or anywhere around at all. A freezing breeze gusted through the trees, making the chains of the unoccupied swings clang together. The leaves rustled from every direction, and Willow stopped to listen. She whipped around to her right.
            Odd. . . She was sure the emotion she sensed was coming from one of the bushes going around the park’s perimeter.  It was the same bush that was rustling off beat from the wind. Cautiously, Willow got up from the swing.
            On a normal day, she would have been terrified. But it just isn’t every day you find out that you’re not your mother’s daughter. Willow had, for some reason, a strange feeling of not being able to be fazed by anything at this particular moment. It was an awkward burst of confidence.
            That and the fact that the emotion she sensed wasn’t intent to harm, or hatred, or any other sort of bad intention. No, it wasn’t that. It was more, well, curiosity that she felt coming from the shrub or whatever lurked behind it.  It was a harmless, cautious, a feeling of curiosity.  
            “Is anybody here?” Willow yelled. She was surprised at her own voice. It wasn’t exactly confident like she thought it would be, but it wavered unexpectedly.
            The rustling in the bush increased dramatically. The rustling became louder, but only for a split second. Ever so slowly, a person began to rise up from inside the bush. Willow immediately stumbled backward from her already lengthily distanced spot from the bush, in full panic mode. Honestly, she hadn't expected this. Willow couldn’t see the person very well, just well enough to know that he was dressed a little oddly and had a very inquisitive look on his face, with one eyebrow raised up high. Willow thought to herself well, what had you expected to pop out, a monster?
                        The person picked a few leaves out of his hair, making it seem like the bush hadn't been his first choice for an abode.
            He stepped forward. “Well I’ll be.” He said.  “You look just like her, don’t you?” He paused, and then started grinning from ear to ear. “Confused, are you? Ah, but I also sense afraid, curious, and upset.” The boy’s voice sounded like the crackling embers of a fire that had just been ignited. He continued, “My, my, you do look exactly like her, don’t you? In fact, the resemblance is striking.”
            Willow tensed.  Part of her wanted to run back home and fall into her mother’s arms. Part of her wanted to get the answers she craved to her past.
            She chocked back a sob. She could feel the tears threatening the corners of her eyes once again; tears that she vigorously willed to stay back. This is not the time, Willow, she thought. You need to say something!
            Who are you? And how do you know all that so well?” As she spoke, a thought popped into Willows head. She could give him a taste of his own medicine. Her lip curled up in a half smile as she said, “Although, I can’t say I don’t know your emotions, as well. I sense you’re curious about me? Oh and now you are strongly surprised. Oh, and let’s not forget how worried you are at the moment.” Willow honestly had no idea what had gotten into her. Of all the things, talking to a strange boy! God was she not herself tonight.
            The boy took on a very serious expression, his eyes fixated on her. “Who am I?” He said, “Who the hell are you to be reading my emotions like that! The president didn’t send any female spies up here! You’re from the Under World?” He stepped forward, angry now. “Explain yourself.”
            Willow simply stood there, unable to say a word. She imagined that this was the part in which any sane person would make one of those exaggerated gulping noises and run away.
            Her voice came out mere squeak when she said, “I’m not sure I really know at the moment. But, you said you’re from the underworld? You’re one of those intruders they’re all talking about?” Willow paused, wondering if she was making a big mistake.”If that’s true, then maybe you can help me figure out why I can do what I just did.”
            The boys eyes widened to an insane degree and his jaw dropped. “Wait a minute, now.” He paused, thinking, and then mumbled something along the lines of, “can’t be”.  He looked at Willow with a straightforward glare when he said, “Well, whoever you are, we better have a talk. Come with me. Now.”
            And for reasons Willow herself couldn’t even begin to fathom, she followed his instructions. She walked behind this strange boy through the streets of the Over World, the moonlight reflecting off the set of knives tucked into his belt.











The End

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