The World of Development

It may have been years that Chan'ditz and Saskina travelled for but they lost count of the number of rises and sets the sun had done. Their animals were their companions now but the eldest was becoming sick and they recognised signs of death coming over him. Chan'ditz asked his Spirit to help the creature either get better or pass on. As they could not travel as he was sick, they created a small settlement on the edge of a mountain. It was a grassy hill with a rocky line down the centre of it where a small stream flowed. The water was clear and clean and so it seemed an ideal place to settle for the time being.

It was raining the day the creature eventually died. Tears were not shed but there was a feeling of sadness just the same. A life ending should mark the start of a new life but it did not. A life simply ended.

They buried the body the same day. It seemed a strange ritual but there was nothing else they could do with it. Chin'ditz found large flat stones which they used to dig a hole which they layed the animal in. They did not stop until it was finished and even then the sun was setting. It was a long and hard task as the rain made the mud they had pushed aside run back into the hole. When they finished, Saskina began to sing. They did not have a word for it but singing is close enough to what she was doing.

An unknown amount of time passed but they stayed on the hillside. Chin'ditz had found a way of creating a shelter out of leaves and wood from the forest below but it stayed upright on the hill by putting rocks at the base. over time the rocks replaced old pieces of wood and soon most of their home was made of stone. It was quite a work of art that they had created. The stones were so tightly packed that the wind could not be felt on the inside. Saskina joked that no plant could grow in the cracks between the rocks he had built it so well. Their communication had developed and they had grown very close. Their word for it was friendship.

While Chin'ditz had been working on the house, Saskina had created a garden. It started when the grave had started sprouting little pink flowers and Saskina was inspired to try to grow things herself. She took some soil from the grave and started growing more of the flowers at first but after time she brought up herbs that she found in the forest below and tried growing them. Before long she had a thriving garden. Most things she grew there were not edible or helpful but she was getting better at cultivating it and so the yield became more and more prosperous.

She also found a way of cutting the wool off the animals using a sharp stone and she put it around the hut floor so that it was more comfortable to sleep. Their little world was growing and improving and they felt that maybe their friendship was too.

The End

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