The World of New Experiences

The next day when Chin'ditz woke up, Saskina was gone. He looked out of the shelter and called to her. She was not far down the small slope they had camped on. She was picking flowers and placing them in the basket. The red line on her ankle was very small and only slightly red now. She looked at him and waved, a signal they had delevoped to mean that nothing was wrong.

Suddenly there was a noise, not unlike a moan, coming from a little way up the slope. They both looked up and saw the strangest animal. It had four legs and was fluffy. It had big eyes and long eyelashes and it was drooling as it chewed whatever it happened to be eating. It had sticky up ears and looked as though it was pouting. It made the strange moaning noise again before pottering off.

Saskina and Chin'ditz looked at each other and started to laugh as it was the strangest animal they had ever seen! They quickly gathered their belongings and decided to follow it. As they did so, they come across a couple more. They were all a dirty beige colour but did not appear dangerous. Chin'ditz slowly approached one and it spat at him. This sent Saskina into a fit of giggles! He then wiped his face but went to stroke it gently on the nose. It seemed to like this and bent its head into his hand. He beckoned Saskina over and she stroked it too. The other two appeared a bit jealous and ran over to have some attention. The smaller of the three had a higher pitched moan and Saskina thought it was very cute!

Following this strange discovery, Saskina and Chin'ditz chose to ride them. It was Saskina's idea as she used to live in a village where people rode animals as they were faster and stronger than humans. She struggled to explain this to Chin'ditz and so he did not understand even to that point but accepted it as it seemed very sensible. Saskina rode the middle sized animal and Chin'ditz rode the larger one, which tried to bite him when he mounted but then did not mind once he was on. The smallest followed on behind.

They carried on up the mountains, which were getting steeper, into new and exciting worlds.

The End

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