The World When One Has a Companion

They decided to leave the next day. Saskina wanted to get away from the camp as it was where all her memories of the old woman were. This was desperately painful for her. She was not able to explain this to Chin'ditz, despite trying, but he understood that she wanted to come with him.

They collected supplies that they could not get along the way and Saskina took the old woman's basket. It was full of herbs and brightly coloured fruits that neither of them had even seen before, depsite having wandered through the forest often. Saskina took some out and examined them while Chin'ditz wrapped up clothes that they had made and some fruit.

Again, Chin'ditz was not sure where he was going but they followed the river upstream again. The ground started getting steeper after a few weeks and so they covered less ground each day but, as they did not know where they were heading, this did not matter.

More time passed and the river started splitting more and getting smaller as they moved along. The environment they were in was changing. They were fascinated by it all as they had not been beyond the rainforest before.

One very rainy night, they sat beneath a shelter they had made. They were finding it easier to communicate as time went on. They created hand signals which made sense to the both of them but they struggled still and could only communicate when it was necessary. It was increasingly frustrating for them. Saskina told Chin'ditz that she was going out for a moment so he made a sweeping movement with his hand to signal that he understood. It was getting dark and Saskina had been a few minutes. Chin'ditz poked his head around the side of the leafy wall they had made but he could not see her.

"Saskina! Where you?" he asked to the darkness but the rain was loud and so he did not know if she would hear.

"Saskina?" he called again, louder. There was no reply so he stepped out but then he heard a cry and a thud noise. He followed his ears to where the noise came from. Saskina lay on the ground wimpering. Her ankle was bleeding and he could see the rock she had slipped on and the one that had cut her. He sighed in relief that it was not worse than just a slip. He picked her up and carried her, his strong arms holding her tight into him as he carefully found his way back.

He placed her down and looked at her ankle which had a large red line along it. It was not bleeding much but it looked very sore. Saskina gestured towards the basket and so he passed it to her. She took out a leaf which felt soft to the touch and had small hairs on it. The water that dripped onto it rolled off but any water that was trapped on it or lingered was soaked in my the hairs. Chin'ditz wrapped it over the wound and tied it with some vine. The fire was dying out as it was getting dripped on through their roof but they did not notice as they had fallen asleep.

The End

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