The World's First True Word

Chin'ditz helped Saskina to move the body. It took a while for her to explain what she wanted him to do but she showed him how she tied rocks into large leaves then tied them to the old woman's hands and feet. They wrapped her in more leaves and stood by the edge of the river where they had lowered her body to the depths.

Chin'ditz prayed that the old woman would be happy, wherever she was. He prayed also for a sign from his spirit for what he should do next. He did not want to leave Saskina alone as he knew how loneliness felt and yet he did not want to make her leave this camp where she had lived for so long.

Saskina began to sing. She sang in her own tongue so Chin'ditz did not understand what she was saying but he understood the song. Her voice was haunting but mellow and as she sang he could see the images that she sang of; river meanders and waterfalls, tall tall trees that bore fruit and meant that all forms of life could survive, the red of the fire and the warmth it could give but also how it could burn and cause great pain, and finally she sang of the power in the air that allowed all the world to prosper and grow. Chin'ditz was enchanted by her song and felt as though the world had... something. He did not know what it was but there was something in the world that he knew was important. Something that could not be seen but was there. He decided to make a word for it.


The End

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