The World Once He Returned

Chin'ditz took a deep breath and sat up suddenly. He whacked his head on something. When he opened his eyes, he saw it was a young woman. She looked at him with concern but was now clutching her forehead.

"Apology I give! Hurt? Apology!" said Chin'ditz concerningly checking her head.

She looked confused and then terrified.

She stood up suddenly and ran off .

Chin'ditz looked around. He was in a small shelter which seemed to consist of a slanted roof and some leaves draped over the side as a wall or a door. He looked at his legs. The were mostly bandaged in large leaves but the bits he could see where red and still a little bloody. They stung so badly that Chin'ditz felt like screaming but he knew that he was safe now and so chose not to.

He heard some people talking outside and they sounded worried but Chin'ditz did not understand them.

After a short while, an old woman came into the shelter. She looked wary of him. The young woman was at the door but did not enter the shelter. The old woman spoke to him first but he simply looked at her, confused. She then put her hands in front of her face and stroked it, closing her eyes as she did so. Chin'ditz understood and did as she bid.

He slept.

The End

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