The World Between This and the Next

There was more and more blood and Chin'ditz cried out in pain.

He could feel himself feeling faint at the smell of it.

He tried to swim back to the shore but he was too weak already.

He flailed his arms as best he could and yelled, in the hope someone would help him.

Then he lost consciousness.


He hoped the Spirit would hear his prayer. He said it silently as he felt himself drifting.

"Let me not death get. I want live on to see life. Help life not end here. Please."

He could hear his silent voice travel as he drifted through a plain of emptyness.

He believed his body was long gone.

He was just a spirit. Like the one he believed showed him the way.

He heard a voice. It spoke loudly in a tongue he did not understand.

Things went silent for a while.

He returned.

The End

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