The World as He Discovered After

Chin'ditz travelled for many months after that. When he came upon a settlement, he would not make himself known but would steal any food or supplies he was unable to make himself.

His hair had grown and he had a beard which came as an amusing source of entertainment to him. He would style it as his mother used to do hers and would laugh at his reflection in puddles and eventually the river.

Once Chin'ditz came upon the main part of the river, he was hynotised by it. He was mesmerised by the way the light glinted of the surface of the water and, in the shallower parts, he could see the individual rays of light going all the way through to the bottom. It was wide and meandering and Chin'ditz only left its side if he saw a settlement which he wished to avoid.

He decided to travel upstream as, despite it probably just being his imagination, the water appeared to be getting cleaner and so it sparkled more and he fell further in love with its beauty.

Soon the dry season came and Chin'ditz was bathing. He watched the shimmering fish around him as he swam a little way out. The water felt cool around his body and was relaxing and soothing to scratches and cuts he had managed to get while travelling.

He knew there was something wrong as soon as he felt something around his ankles. He had experienced fish swimming past him before but he knew this was different. He didn't know how or why but he knew just the same.

He felt a slight nip and saw the blood.

The End

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