The World's First Justice System

Chin'ditz was taken to the larger hut of the small village. It was dark inside, lit only by the dying embers of a fire in the centre. There was a very old man down the far end. He was sitting on the floor grinding up herbs and plants. His thin grey hair fell over his face. Chin'ditz had never seen a man so old. He was fascinated.

When the man spoke, it was in a raspy, quiet voice. The men holding Chin'ditz left the hut once they had heard the old man's orders. There were some women around the edges of the hut, also grinding up plants. After a short while, one of the men who had originally taken Chin'ditz there came back with a small basket of leaves. He put it down and stood back before the old man spoke again.

It sounded as though he had asked a question and the younger man replied quickly. The old man looked up for the first time since Chin'ditz had arrived. His eyes were a grey like his hair and they were sunken into his skull, making him look tired and withered. He examined Chin'ditz then spoke again. The younger man responded by holding Chin'ditz's arm and escorting him from the hut. He was placed in a small, empty hut made of woven branches and leaves. Chin'ditz was surprised to see that the inside was not coated in mud and so he thought it would not be waterproof.

He was right. It rained heavilt that night and much water soaked in and so Chin'ditz got wet. He curled up in the dry corner and said a prayer. He had long believed that there must be something that had created the great world and so he tried talking to him to try and recieve guidance.

"I know not who hears. I help do need. What action must be take by me?"

There was no great voice or bright light. Nothing changed at all. He felt failed even though he had never even had confirmation that such a being existed. It was simply his own idea. Despite this letdown, Chin'ditz continued to puzzle over how to get away from these people. He was kept in the hut like a chicken in a coop and he did not think he was fully safe.

The next day, he was taken out and taken to a clearing in the centre of the village. There were many people there, including the old man who was at the front of the crowd. Gradually he was surrounded and then the old man spoke. Chin'ditz was shocked with the strength and power of his voice. Everyone else fell silent when we raised his hands. hin'ditz was fascinated with the power he had over the people. They looked to him like he was better than they were, as though there was a hierachy, which is something he had never encountered before.

The old man spoke for a while and then other people were given a chance to speak. He knew they were talking about him and what they should do with him. They spoke for a long time before it appeared that a conclusion was reached.

The old man raised his hands once more and spoke loudly to everyone, pointing and Chin'ditz often. A young woman made her way through the crowd with a small basket of food and gave it to Chin'ditz. Some stronger men came and pushed him to the border of the village and pointed outwards. He understood the order and so ventured further into the dense rainforest.

The End

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