The World Beyond His Doorstep

He travelled for a few days before he found anything other than trees and various animals. Eventually he found a settlement near the top of a waterfall. The houses were green and made of fresh leaves but were more squared than the houses Chin'ditz himself had lived in. They were on the ground which confused Chin'ditz but he approached all the same as he did not think there may be more people in the world than his tribe but he had hoped there were.

"Hellos you!" he shouted at the men he could see. They looked up and unshethed something from their belts. Chin'ditz's tribe never used knives like the ones they had and so he did not understand they may have seen him as a threat.

"Happy day! Sun not rain!" He said smiling as this was a cheerful greeting from his tribe which suggested that they were thrilled to see the person, "Happy met! Know me not, yes, yet we same," he said trying to explain how he recognised they were human too.

Suddenly they ran at him and held him down. They spoke to each other quickly in a language he did not understand but he did not know of the concept of languages. They picked him up and made him walk towards their village. Chin'ditz did not know whether to be frightened or not but he decided that, whether he wanted to be or not, he was truly scared for the first time in his life.

The End

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