The World Outside His Home

Chan'ditz was from where we know as Brazil. He lived in a rainforest tribe and knew nothing of the outside world as everyone in the tribe knew it was dangerous to venture beyond the known realms. Chan'ditz was too young to question this before but, as he was becoming a man, he became curious and felt unsettled.

The day Chan'ditz decided he was leaving, the tribe were building a new house for a family which had been blessed with two children. Most of the tribe had to help as they were building a treehouse. It was safer to be at least a little off the ground, especially with newborns.

Chan'ditz wanted to leave without people noticing. There were not strict families within the tribe and many children had parents from different families but Chan'ditz was one of the few who had his two parents and one grandparent all in one family with no other strong links. He wasn't sure how his family would feel about him leaving but his mother was with child and so he came to the conclusion that they wouldn't mind too much.

He left just as it was starting to get dark and so everyone was bustling about before going to their homes for the night. He slipped away but he did not know that he was never going to see this home again.

Now the world was free for him to roam. He took a great sigh as he was out of the realm of the tribe and he walked through the thick undergrowth in search of something that he didn't know what it was.

The End

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