The World Without the Written Word

Not 100% sure where this story is going but it should be interesting :)

Everything was empty.

In the whole world, there was nothing.

There was no light or darkness.

No sound yet no silence.

No life at all and so no death.

There was no movement yet nothing was still as there was nothing existing to be still.

Time had not yet come into existance.

Suddenly everything came to be and the world flourished. Things changed and evolved and there was light, dark, sound, quiet all at once and time was passing. Creatures came to be. Simple, one celled creatures which evolved over time and soon there were complex, intelligent creatures roaming the world which had been created. The safe haven in which it was all found was the only of its kind. The world beyond was still growing and creating itself. Everything, within the globe of conditions within which things could live, developed and grew. Soon the world was a working organism within itself and everything worked in a cycle. There was pain, yes, but there was not sorrow nor joy or deep feelings as all that existed acted on instinct. This was until man developed.

Human beings were more intelligent than the other creatures. Their brains were proportionally bigger than every other existing creature. They soon developed more complex ways of communicating and drew pictures on walls in order to describe things to each other. This developed further into an alphabet, where one could spell words that could be spoken. Over time, humans were able to send their words over distances, whether on paper or using machines which connected people across the whole world.

But imagine now that words had never existed. That humans had developed, yes, but so very slowly. Each civilisation was separate from each other as none could contact between as each had their own way of communicating. It was clear to see the differences in societies as each one had developed in a way best suited to their environment.

I will be following the story of a young man. When he was wanted, people would call him, what would be written as, Chan'ditz.

He wanted to see what else there was to life, other than the settling, growing and harvesting food and making children. He felt the constant cycle of life was wearing on him and he felt old before his time. Little did he know of the dangers beyond one's doorstep.

The End

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