Misery's Escape

Ours is a world of magic. There are no fireballs, aimed bolts of lighting, and the like, no god granted strength or fourtune. Our magic, is coincidence, cause, belief, order, and fate. These are our magics and stronger they are than any mortal power. Coincidence, for we cannot control time, and the unison of unlikely action, and the value of chance ever exists. Cause, because we do not start events, only add to them, and all cycles have a purpose. Belief, when ordinary boundries are surpassed for a cause greater than mortal comprehension, where it exists or not, and when likewise actions are limited by forces we belive to exist.  Order, determaning when when evant happen, when they shall coincide, when they shall drift, the endless chains with a purpose, and a predetermend sequence, only if we think it so. In digression, chaos, is no magic, nor a force, exist it does not. It is the lack of these forces, or rather, one's thought that they do not exist. but greater than all other magics, and the null of chaos, is fate. Fate is the end of the path, and the reason for it. It the goal of the journey, and thus the purpose. Fate is the is the reason, and path we all must follow, the unbreaking chain. All things happen for a reason, even evil, chaos, and defeat. Therefore the proporties do not exist, for no matter what, the end will be where the end ever was, and the end will never change. The end was predetemined, before life, before gods, before existence. There is no way out of misery. The reason, the end, and the escape, are all the same. Death, and enternal flames.

The End

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