So Very Far Down the Rabbit Hole

In my eyes, you are not flesh and bone, not data, not thoughts, nor material. All you are, is another nail in my coffin. Nothing more, nothing less, you are nothing to me, as I am already of the deceased. Thou are gone. Get used to it. Welcome. I want to die, and you are mearly another thought that pushes that feeling further. The greatest punishment, is life after death, to maintain a concious after I finally embrace salvation is the greatest horror I can imagine, for I wish not to be, to not think. I no longer seek the rabbit, I seek an end. An end to this glorified journey. The inferno beckons, and I have answered. It is only a matter of time before Alice falls further, so further fall shall she, fallen, as aready is Alice. I am prepared to burn, and you are a coal in that fire. It is only a matter of time. Goodbye.

The End

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