The Lore of Lumien

II. Culture

The cultures of these four main nations are very similar. Anria and Adoria share the same language, with some minor variations in the way some words are spelt, and in accent. Er'umin has a language that's similar to that of Adoria in structure, but not quite the same. However, the two languages are commonly spoken and accepted in Er'umin. D'agoran has a very distinct language that is only shared with some of the islands located close to the Main Land's southern coast. 

The majority of the myths are shared between Anria, Adoria and Er'umin. But, as always, D'agoran stays apart. D'agoran has very different culture, technology, language, etc.

III. Mythology

There are many myths about the people who inhabited the world in its very remote past. It is said that the world was once magical. The people looked slightly different, and had the ability to control a supernatural force that most prefer to call magic. It is also said that some of these people were able to transform into other beings. One of the creatures that is often mentioned in these myths is the unicorn, a symbol of innocence and freedom. 

It is said that this people still exist, somewhere in the world. Some talk about a hidden kingdom. This kingdom is commonly known as the Lunar Kingdom, because it is rumored that it can only be found at night, under the light of a full moon. Where it is, and how it is entered, appears to be unknown.

The End

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