The World of Lumh'ien

I started working on this world when I felt that one of my biggest stories, Where Dreams Begin, needed a more solid background, due to the complexity of some of the concepts presented in it, which were often related to how the world in which it takes place works.
Lumh'ien (or Lumien) is the result, and although not finished, already has enough information written down for me to feel comfortable sharing it. And here's what I have so far. Feel free to comment, suggest, ask further questions, etc.

Chapter One: Geography

The world of Lumh'ien, or simply Lumien, is small but diverse. It is comprised of three continents, many islands and archipelagos, and four different nations or kingdoms. But to the surprise of many, there happens to be a fifth kingdom, known as the Lunar Kingdom in lore. This fifth kingdom is trapped in a "sub-dimension" of Lumien, however, and is therefore the gateway between Lumien and other worlds.

The three continents and their kingdoms are divided as follows.

Four Kingdoms: Anria, D'agoran, Adoria, Er'umin 

Hidden kingdom: Lunar Kingdom (magical)

Note: There is relationship of hatred between the people of Anria and D'agoran, for a war that occurred 20 years ago. (Current time corresponds to the story told in Where Dreams Begin.)

Anria and D'agoran lie to the South. Er'umin to the North, and Adoria between the Er'umin and Anria territories. 

The dominant nation of this era is Anria.

Note: Other lands exist outside the main land, but they will probably not be mentioned in the stories. However, I do plan on detailing them too later on.

I. The Northern Lands (Lumh'inai)

1) Kingdom of Er'umin (Home of the Enternal Winter) 

Er'umin is a falling nation. The inhabitants are poor and hungry. They have become poorer as the people migrate into the growing Kingdom of Anria. They claim to hold the key to unlocking magic into the world. Er'umin and D'agoran are the longest-living nations in Lumien.

II. The Eastern Lands (Lumh'ened)

1) Kingdom of Adoria 

Adoria was blessed from the beginning. They had a small but diverse land, and decided to use that to their advantage. They have built the best technology in Lumien, but now have Anria as their competition.

III. The Southern Lands (Lumh'enai)

The largest among the three continents. It has been in war for two decades. In the present, the two warring nations have made an agreement and the war has stopped. But if one of the nations decides not to follow the agreement anymore, it will start again. There is still a deep hate between the two major enthnic groups that share Lumh'enai.

1) Kingdom of Anria

Anria is the dominant nation in the Southern Lands. It formed 300 years earlier, when a group of Lords and members of the Court who emigrated from Anria and moved into the lands to the south, a place they thought would be perfect to start a new life. More people followed after them. Soon, the kingdom of Anria was formed, and a ruler was elected. Everything was peaceful. They never dared to step into D'agoran's territory. But they would become powerful enough to compete with other kingdoms. One young king had a vision of expansion. He proposed D'agoran to unify the two kingdoms, but D'agoran, in their pride, refused. The king wasn't happy with this, so he decided to declare war against them. And this is how the war began.

2) D'agoran

D'agoran was prepared for war, but their technology was inferior, and the kingdom had no support from the other nations. They were alone in the conflict. After three years of active combat against Anria, they decided to propose a treaty, known as the Pact. The king of Anria accepted under certain conditions, and D'agoran ended up supressed. Groups of Anria and of D'agoran alike weren't happy with the Pact, and began to attack enemy territories without a warning. Who started first was never confirmed.

The End

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