Fevier: AmbushMature

"Get ready" I whispered to my men, who were hidden in the bushes around the borders of our territory waiting for the Blaze Elves to come into range.

"Aim" I said as they came into view, there wasn't that many of them. I could deal with them easily, let alone with an ambush party.

I counted their steps before shouting the final order. "Fire!"

We all fired our crossbows, the arrows hitting them either killing them or dropping them to the floor. Only to be killed by our poison that we put on the arrows.

We left it a second, they were looking around wondering where the arrows could of come from. Then we ran out, with great speed that they didn't realize we were there until we hit them hard. I got out my double bladed spear and started fighting.

I stabbed one in the gut, rolled over his back, got out my dagger and slit his throat. I then picked up his body and threw it at an oncoming enemy. I took my spear out of the first target, and went back into battle.

One took a swipe for me, i ducked under his sword tackling him to the ground. I left him down, and i got back up and attacked the two that tried to surround me.

I was good at multi-directional fighting, its what i excelled at, the spear improved this also. I span the spear round in my arms and i span with it, cutting all in its path. One of them came from behind and cut my leg, i dropped down for just a second before quickly getting back up and stabbing him in the chest, then picking him up with the spear and smacking him head first into the ground.

The ambush was successful and we had won, with no losses. The Blaze Elves need to try harder than that.

Me and my unit returned to our fair home of Alontrieos, to give news of our small victory.

"My lord, the mission was a success. Plus we hid the bodies, they need never know that our ambush ever happened" I said as i bowed

"Good, the Blaze Elves aren't smart enough to accuse us of this" He smiled "Dont suppose you could fill in for a sick guard could you? Heres his route"

"Yes your highness"

I was walking the dark streets of the town, lit dimly by the lights of houses and lamps scattered about.

I walked down slowly, keeping an eye out for anything. I heard a slight crashing noise and some shouting.

I saw something run past me, and another one of the guards chasing after it with his sword out. I ran after him too until the came to a stop as the thing fell over.

The thing turned out be be a girl, she seemed to have been the combination of all the four races like the town has been chatting about.

"Time to die, little one" the guard growled. I stopped him by grabbing his arm before he could strike. "Fevier! Get off me, this THING deserves to die" He gets free of my grip and spins round with his sword, cutting against my chest.

"I didn't want to have to do this..." I scowled, i got out my spear and in one swift move i cut off his head.

I moved over to the girl, and i offered my hand to help her; and she took it.

"You live long here without protection, ill keep my eye on you" I smiled at her, she is still in shock after the attack "Now you go home, you'll be safer there"

The End

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