The World of EchoMature

War has raged among elves for centuries. Non of them get along they are all too different to do so. Then one day a child is born that will change all of this.

In the world of Echo there are five lands. The Land of Ice, The Land of Fire, The Land of Earth, The Land of Night and The Land of Shadow.

Only four are inhabited. The Land of Shadow itself is unknown covered and hidden in a fog of black mist. All that we know is that in The Shadow Land exists the fallen, Goblins, Demons and manisfetations of peoples darkest desires. Although theses are only based on the facts received from people who have gone into the shadow land and excaped with enough breath to reveal small facts.

The other lands are inhabited by the races of elves.

First is the Land of Ice, where city are sculptured from the barren ice land. This is where the Artic elves live with their pale white skin, lethal sharp teeth and irises like cats. Their eyes and hair consist of colours like Blue, Grey and Silver. They have immunity to the cold and worship the God of Water and Hunting.

Next would be the Land of Fire, where lava flows as rivers. This is the home of the Blaze Elves. They have fiery coloured hair and eyes which are the colours Red, Orange, Yellow and Gold. There skin is also as hot as lava which also leaves them immune to heat that they love so much. They worship the Goddess of Fire and Chaos.

The third is the Land of Earth where trees grow as high as the sky. The Forest Elves call these forests their home and they have hair and eyes the colours of Brown and Green. The have claws which allows them to climb high up into the trees with less chance of falling. They worship the Goddess of Earth and Life.

Finally, are is the Land of Night, where no sun or light shines. This is the home of the Dark Elves that have hair and eyes as dark as the night itself. They see through any light and are unable to be blinded by whatever amount of light which helps when they have enhanced speed. They worship the God of Death and Night.

These three species all at war..... all not expecting a child to be born of all races.... or a Night Elf to defend her.

The End

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