The World of DarkOrb

DarkOrb. The world of fear.

Humans live in the light, but the second the red sun goes down, the mystical, the mythical take over. Werewolves, Vampires, Witches, Spirits.

DarkOrb has three moons. The largest controls the Werewolves, when they will turn, and when they will be at their safest. The middle is worshipped by the Witches, thought to give them extra powers and magic. The smallest- and brightest moon- is the Human moon. when this moon is full, which happens only once a spin, it is the only night safe enough for humans to walk in the dark.



I am going to write a few different stories about this world, al of which will lead up to the last one.

this is the first installment. The Vampire's Curse.  

and the second...

The End

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