This is the story of a girl named Georgie. Well, actually, her name is Frieda, but we'll call her Georgie for now.

Georgie and Fred saw each other at the same time.

"Life!" Fred declares. "I have created life!"

Georgie protests, indignantly, " What are you talking about? I created you!"

"If that's the case," Fred says triumphantly, "Why is your body a stick figure with a triangle for a skirt and two long lines for hair?"

Georgie retorts. "I am the creator here. I mime things into existence." She places her palms up, on various places in the air around Fred's body. "See, now you are trapped in a box till I can figure out what to do with you."

"Haha, stupid stick figure girl," Fred laughs, "I can get up any time I--" He bumps his head against an invisible ceiling. "Ow!"

Now it is Georgie's turn to be triumphant. "Look at yourself. You have an invisible body, because I mimed you into existence!"

Fred looks down at himself, and indeed he has no body, at least not a visible one, just as Georgie is a stick figure.

"Weird," he allows. "So is this my alcohol-fueled hallucination, or yours?"

"Maybe we're deluding each other," Georgie suggested.

Given the logical impossibility of non-causal co-creation, Fred and Georgie both wink out of existence.

In the whiteness of oblivion, a small girl's voice can be heard. "Wait, I'm 12 - I don't drink alcohol!"

They promptly reappear in Fred's office.

"You're NOT 12," Fred - rather stupidly - argues.

They wink out again.

Fred's voice continues, in the whiteness of oblivion, "You're about five minutes old, since I just created you."

They reappear once more.

"Maybe we shouldn't look at this too closely," Georgie said.

"Agreed. Maybe we should wear some kind of blinders," Fred said.

"Great idea!" She mimes a pair of blindfolds and mimes tying one around each of their heads.  Unfortunately, even without investigating the questionable existence of mimed objects, they are INVISIBLE and don't impair vision at all.

Still, this doesn't stop the two from bumping around the office as if they were blind.

Finally, Georgie finds the edge of Fred's desk with her hand. "This is nuts!"

"I know!" Fred agrees. "It's like some malicious god is writing us into existence!"

Oops. They know I'm here.

The End

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