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  The story affects me in the way that to me it seems that days seem longer. During the day its like what people say about looking at clocks, that if you keep looking at them the day will just seem longer than usual. So far the people have become scared and left but a lot of people are there and they say that the way the Earth of not rotating right that its affecting the way people act. The information so far has interfered with the way that I see what would happen if the Earth slowed down, I feel like if the Earth stopped then we would be in a lot of trouble, I think the Earth would soon be burned by the Sun's rays if the earth slowed because of the atmosphere, that could start to vanish. The Age of Miracles so far seems to me a boring book, I don't really like it that I much. The book seems dull, the topic of the book isn't really that interesting to me. The book surprised me the way the book starts off with the problem out in the open, and how they don't come out in the open about how bad it could be for them. If I was put in the same situation I would probably build a bunker a hide inside with food and a way to grow plants.

The End

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