Just A Friend.Mature

I turned to Tania and gave her a curious look.
"Why are you being nice to me?" I asked her. She blinked and looked down at her hands.

"Because I've seen what they all do to you, and I just wanted to be a friend to you." I smiled at her.
"But you don't even know me." I whispered softly. Tania shook her head and reached over to pat my hand gently.
"It doesn't matter. I'll get to know you." I nodded.

Before I could say anything to her, the bell rang to go back to class. I sighed and stood up and wiped the grass and leaves from my clothes and smiled at Tania.
"See you later Lara." She said to me before running off to class.
I followed at a much slower pace. With each step I took, I could hear mocking laughter and shouted insults.

I mentally braced myself and rounded the corner and strode inside the classroom. I took my seat opposite Patrice and slumped down.
Patrice's foot connected with my shins, just as I felt things being thrown at my back. I clenched my teeth together and did my best to ignore them all.
"Where were you at lunch Lara? Were you hiding in the toilets like a scared little girl?" Patrice taunted. Everyone laughed and gave her praise.
I raised my chin slightly.
"I was with a friend." I told her firmly. She looked at me with wide eyes then laughed again.
"What friend? You have no friends!" She exclaimed, then giggled. All her friends snickered and nodded.
I bit my lip and fell silent. There was no point in arguing with them when they'd just shoot me down and laugh. I sat there and listened to more of their insults and endured their kicks and punches. I barely felt the objects that got thrown at me. In time, I had grown to get used to the pain. I didn't care that they bruised me, and I didn't notice that they made me bleed.
I just didn't really care anymore.

Only a few more hours until it was time to go home. Funny thing was, I'd prefer sitting in my classroom with the bullies rather than going home and facing my family.

The End

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