Illusion of Freedom.Mature

As soon as the bell rang to go to class, I bolted from class like my feet were on fire.
I didn't want anyone to know where I was going, I didn't want to be followed and bullied. So I ran as fast as I could out to the back of the school and hid behind the tall trees that towered above everyone.

 I wished I were as tall as them, standing above everyone. Being solid and free. Away from the monsters that walked this earth and raked you wish their harsh words and fists.

I sighed and leant against the trunk of the tree and closed my eyes. The air smelt so pure and full with nature. The  birds sang in joy and the gentle wind tousled my short hair. I had the illusion that I was somewhere safe, somewhere that I felt I could spread my arms and fly away.

"Hi Lara." I looked up in shock and saw Tania standing before me with a small smile on her face.
" did you know I was here?" I asked her in surprise. She bit her lip and came over and sat down in front of me.

"I saw you running here, so I followed you." she said with a shrug as she played with a small twig. I swallowed and nodded.
I looked away from Tania, not knowing what to say.
"Why do you never have any lunch at school?" She asked me. I felt my face burn in embarassment.

"I, um eat it all before I get to school." I lied. She looked at me and nodded. She reached into her jeans pocket and pulled out a fruit rollup and handed it over to me.
"It'll be okay Lara." She whispered to me.
I took the rollup and quickly muttered a thank you before eating it.
I looked up to see Tania smiling at me. There was something about her that made me relax and trust that she was different than everyone else.

Tania hadn't threatened me, mocked me or arrived with Patrice and all her friends. I smiled at her and nodded.
I wished that he words were true, that I could believe that nicest words that had be said to me since my father left.
I didn't trust her, not yet. Maybe not ever. But I wasn't bleeding or crying in pain.

The End

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