Six Year Old Bullies.Mature

Class was the same today as it was every other day.
The subjects were the same and the people were the same. Two faced liars and they're only six year old's. It proves that anyone, anywhere, no matter the age, can still be a horrible person.

Patrice and Janelle sat opposite me, being nice to me in front of the teacher but whenever her back would turn I'd get a kick or a pencil thrown at me. Ruth, the girl tha sat to my left, stabbed me in the arm with the tip of her compass. I had to bite my tongue to keep from making any noise.
It didn't matter where I was in school, they were always there to pick on me and made me feel like a mere stain on this earth.

I hated my school with such a passion. I wished that I never had to go back there. I was the only white skinned girl in the class, and for that, it automatically made me a target. Since I was white, they all thought I was rich and had things to give them, so they took my shoes, sometimes my clothes. My stationary and school bag.
And on the very rare days that I did have lunch, even if it was just an apple, they'd take that too.
Nothing that I owned was safe from them and sometimes I wonder what will happen if they found out where I lived. The thought terrified me more than I wanted it to.

The group that constantly picked on me were Patrice, Janelle, Ruth, Lucky and Joshua. Whenever we'd be outside for sports, they'd trip me and laugh, whenever it was raining they'd lock me out of the classroom and laugh. One time, Patrice was sick, she had plenty of time to run to the toilets, but instead, since she was sitting next to me, she vomitted in my lap.

I closed my eyes and did my best to ignore them all. But I was only a kid. What could I do? I don't know how to fight back and I don't have the voice to scream in protest.
So I endure it with all the strength I could muster. And that wasn't much.
But the worst thing is; I'd prefer to be at school than home. At least at school it's not my loved ones that make me cry in pain.

The End

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