The Mornings Incident.Mature

There was no one that I hated more than my mum's boyfriend Greg.

He was rude, unpredictable and the way he watched my sisters and I made a cold fear slither right through me. He had long grey streaked hair that stopped at his shoulders, with light blue eyes and a tall and lanky build and a permanant frown etched into his aged features. He had stolen some of my fathers clothes and that day, he was wearing my dads favourite sweater.
A part of me hated him even more because of that.

My mum strolled into the kitchen and saw me sitting at the table waiting for breakfast.
"Have you got everything packed for school?" She asked me as she watched Tessa make her a cup of coffee. I sniffed and nodded.

"Yes, my bag is down by the front door." I told her. She nodded and acceppted the coffee from Tessa and leant against the counter.
"How was the day out with your father yesterday?" She asked me. I fiddled with the hem of my shirt and shrugged.
"It was alright." I muttered.
I didn't dare tell her that I wished it had never ended, or that it was okay until I got home. I knew what would happen if I did.

"Where did he take you?" She asked. I bit my lip.
"To the park." I said. She snickered and took a sip of her drink.
"Still a cheap a** I see." She comented. I clenched my teeth together and refrained from saying anything.
Greg noticed my clenched jaw and cocked his head to the side.
"Something you want to say Lara?" He asked me. I shook my head and looked away from him.
"No, there's something you want to say, so say it." He insisted. My mum straightened from the counter and walked over to me and cupped my chin in her hand roughly.

"Say it Lara." She said softly. I opened my mouth to say something when Tessa suddenly screamed from behind my mum. I peered around to see her soaking wet.
My eyes widened when I spotted the kettle in her hand and the steam misting off of her. My mother strode over to her and snatched the kettle from her hand.

"You stupid girl!" She shouted at Tessa. I watched in horror as she slapped Tessa and sent her to go change. I could see her tanned skin had gone a horrid pink colour as her hands shook and she continued sobbing loudly.
My mother shook her head.

"Pathetic little girl." She snarled. I wanted to go see if she were alright but I knew I wouldn't be aloud, so I sat there silently and fighting to blink back my tears.
I could still hear Tessa crying in pain and I felt so helpless.

A few minutes later, we were taken to school and the sniffling Tessa gingerly got out of the car and walked down to the nurses office. I walked along beside her until she turned to me.
"Go away you little brat!" She shouted at me. I blinked at her then quickly strode away from her and headed to class.
Why does everyone hate me? I asked myself as my lip wobbled.
Does anyone even care about me?
It wasn't until I got to class that I noticed that  had been sent to school with no breakfast and lunch; again.

The End

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