Hunger PainsMature

I sighed and sat on the front step and rested my head on my knees.
School had been out for an hour and it  had taken me not even ten minutes to walk home to find that mum wasn't home, nor were my sisters. So here I sat on the front steps by the door and waited for someone to come home so I can be let inside.

It felt like hours later when my sisters walked in the gate and saw me sitting on the front step.
"Mum not home?" Sandra ssaid as she sat down next to me. I shook my head and huffed out a sigh. Tessa just rolled her eyes and leant against the wall of the house.
"This is so typical of her. Going out and gambling and completetly forgetting about us. I wish we had a better mum." She said angrily.

I shot up from the step and glared at her.
"Shut up!" I shouted at her. She frowned and pushed away from the wall  and walked over to me and shoved me. I stumbled backward and fell on my bum on the hard concrete.
"Or what you little brat? And don't shout at me or I'll beat you up you little ****." She snarled at me. I whimpered and got up. I sat back down on the front step and blinked the tears from my eyes. Tessa laughed and leant against the wall again.
Sandra just sighed and ignored the both of us.

The three of us sat there for hours before mum's car finally pulled into the driveway. I sprung up excitedly and waited anxiously as she got out of the car, locked it and started walking over to us.
"Hi mum!" I exclaimed in excitment. She just grunted at me and unlocked the front door and strode inside. I skipped inside and up to the kitchen to look for something to snack on.
"No. Bed time." Mum said as she walked in and saw me eyeing the food in the pantry.
"But mum we haven't had dinner yet!" I whined. She just shook her head and pointed down the hall to where my bedroom was.
"Bed. Now." She ordered me. I sighed and closed the pantry doors and shuffled down to my room and got ready for bed. 

As I lay in bed my stomach growled loudly. I bit my lip and tried to ignore the hunger pains. But they were so strong it felt as if someone was punching me in the stomach over and over again. Unable to take the pain anymore, I got out of bed and snuck out of my room.

I tip toed to the end of the hall and peered down into the lounge. My mother sat on the couch watching tv and munching on chocolate biscuits. I took a depth breath and got down on my hands and knees and crawled into the kitchen and went to the pantry.

I carefully opened the door and crawled inside and closed the door behind me. I stood up and flicked the light on and spotted a packet of chips on the top shelf.
I climbed up to get them and opened them as quietly as I could. The packet made a loud sound as it finally opened, I winced but dug my hand into the packet and started munching on the chips.

Half the packet was gone when the door to the pantry was wrenched open and my mother stood glaring down at me.
"What are you doing out of bed and why are you eating my chips?" She growled. I swallowed my mouthful and looked up at her in fear.
"I was hungry." I whispered to her. She leant down and snatched the chips out of my hands and hauled me to my feet.
"Get back to bed now!" She shouted at me. Now sobbing I nodded and turned to go back to my room.
As soon as my back was to her she kicked my backside hard enough to send me stumbling forward. I caught my fall on my hands and got up and sprinted down to my room and crawled into my bed and cried to myself.

"I wish you were here daddy. I miss you." I whispered against my pillow.

The End

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