The World I Live InMature

A story of how a young girls family is torn apart. Her world is thrown upside down and what she thought to be a safe place became her very worst nightmare.

I don't want to tell my story and make it one those things about depression and a hard  life. I have no desire to be like every other victim and dwell on the sadness and the pain.
I want to tell the story of how a girl can survive what is thrown at her, no matter how big or small.

It all started when I was five years old. My world through my young eyes was a thing of perfection; I was an astute child yet oblivious in my own kind of way.
My father always had a smile on his face, as did my mother. My sisters were the typical older sisters, teasing and taunting me,  except for my eldest sister. Allie.

She's special; I know this not only because my mum and dad tell me so but because I can see it everytime she's wheeled into the kitchen in her wheelchair. My mother won't tell us what happened to Allie. All I know is that something in her brain was damaged when she was little. She was born a normal child, just like me. But something happened that no one likes to talk about, something bad that will have Allie in a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

But despite Allie being the way she is, we were a happy family. We did normal things like go on roadtrips or to the park, celebrate birthdays and even have a weekend bbq with mum and dad's friends around. Even my cousins Lizzy and Angel.
So you could say I was a happy child but what I didn't expect was that it wouldn't remain that way.
All because he came along and my world went from sunshine and rainbows, to cloudy and bleak.

The End

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