Go After Jessie And Talk Her Out Of It!Mature

"Wait!" I shouted.

More out of the need to be with her at the moment than to stop her from doing whatever crazy stuff she was planning to.

She stopped and turned. I ran towards her.

"Listen, ok...I know it's hard to understand but the fact as of now is we both are the only ones alive here."

"At least so far. At least from what I see. "

"Don't you think we need to think what's happening and why and what are these colloums for rather than attack that stuff"

I looked at her face with my brains creating a thousand pictures of me kissing her and holding that beautiful body in my arms and my hand moving up that creamy stomach…”STOP. YOU IDIOT” I told myself.


I didn't know if whatever I said made any sense. Heck it didn't sound too convincing to me either.


"Nick, All I know is that these colloums are the reasons for everything that's happening around us. If we do not stop them now we all will be history" She looked at me with a question on her face. As if to say don’t you get it…it’s so simple.


hmm...I started thinking. What she was saying was right but attacking something that giant, with rocks?…No way! I have to talk her out of this.


"May be you are right…." I started and suddenly I realized something. Something she just said..."hey what do you mean by  'WE ALL' will be history?" Stressing on 'we all' with a mix of both hope and curiosity.


 “Yeah there are some more people up there”  She said as a matter of fact.


“Are you serious? There are people? People who are alive, breathing, talking like you and me? And you didn’t even mention it?”


“I am sorry. I was too angry to say anything or think anything. I want to do something Nick. I want to stop this non-sense. I don’t want to be a silent victim. If it means we all will die I would rather die fighting”


Suddenly I realized what she meant and appreciated her braveness and then I realized I wanted to meet the rest of us. The rest of our kind.


“Where are others?” I asked her. “And why are you here alone?”


“Well we were all discussing whatever has happened and how. Everyone was like this is the end. They all have given up hope and were sounding you depressed that I couldn’t take it. So I left and told them I am not going to sit and wait to die and …well you know the rest…”


“Anyways I am going to attack this stuff…you don’t need to follow me. The rest of the gang will be coming looking for me in a while. You can meet them and be with them. I have to go”


“Hey…wait a minute lady” I stopped her by holding her hand and looked into her deep blue eyes.


“If you go I go with you” I couldn’t believe I said that. Maybe it was her eyes or maybe I was exhausted or maybe it was just me or just her…. My brain was telling me to stop being such a desperate guy and to use some sense.


“But just listen to me once. I need to know what happened. I need us to plan, think and then take some action. I promise I will not be a silent victim too but I need to know things.”


“You mean you don’t have any idea of what happened” She asked me surprised.


“ I know what’s around me but how it happened….ahhh…I am sorry I was sleeping when all this happened.  and I have no clue.”  I sounded like a loser to myself but that was the truth and not because I chose it that way.


She was still looking at me, waiting for me to continue.


“I know it sounds weird and I don’t know what else to say but that’s the fact and I want to know what’s that you guys saw, what are these colloums? Where did they come from? Where are the rest of the gang? Everything..I want to know what all you people know..please”


“Ok, it's time to meet other. Let me take you to them"

She turned, holding my hand to drag me with her... 




The End

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