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                                             Baron, a complete waste land, not even rubble, just empty space, covered in dust, empty that was, except for the colloum.  It stood by itself, a perfect, solid cylinder, shinning bright, metalic silver.  I stood there, stunned by the sheer size of the colloum, it had to be over five hundred feet high!, stretching into the sky, the very top only just visbile below the clouds,

                                           The air seemed to be humming, like there was an electrical charge in the air, I wanted to try something, reaching down to touch the metal of my belt buckle,

"OW, FUCK!", I shook my hand, trying to releave the numbness from the static discharge.  I took in the ground around the colloum, the dust and lose earth seemed to have been pushed away from the colloum, which was weird, surely if the colloum was imbedded in the ground, the earth and dust would have been sucked in with the vacuum?

                                            A horrible realisation settled in, if the loose earth and dust was rippling out away from the colloum....?  I turned towards the rubble which was once the power station and began to climb, hoping to God, my theory was incorrect!  I climbed as fast as i could, my hands being scraped and cut on broken glass and rusted metal, my feet slipping on the loose debris.

                                           Finally, I reached the top, and looked out,

"Oh my God!", I had was right. 

                                        From the top of the mound, I could see for miles and miles, flat open waste land, no signs of life or buildings, nothing, except the colloums, one every few miles, gleaming against the sun.  I sat on the mound, it was very clear to me, that whatever had happened to the world, was a direct result of whatever these colloums did!  I stared at the one closest to me, it had to be twenty, no, more like thirty feet thick, just massive!

                                           Then something caught my ear, a shuffling sound, like tumbling rubble, rubble like the mound I was sitting on!!  I jumped up, carefully, concerned I'd knocked something loose on my way up, and saw.......a girl?   For a moment, I was completely powerless to react, my mouth was open, I knew that, but my body wouldn't respond!  Then finally, I felt my feet begin shuffling towards the edge of the mountain of rubble, she was passing directly under me, she looked as though she was planning on sneaking up on the colloum.

                                             At first, I considered dropping a small rock on her head, then decided that probably wasn't the best way to make first contact with the only other survivor I'd met thus far, correction, only hot survivor!  From what I could see, she as very attractive.  Long blonde hair that reached the bottom of her back, a slender, curved figure and nice, long legs, I'd have to get closer to check out her arse,

'Or you could try, hello?!!', my brain instructed, it was a fair point!

                                              I began sliding my way down the rubble, hopping and skipping over loose bits, soon realising I was now descending without control.  I was now literally running down the hill side with no way of stopping myself, as I reached the final leg, the last few feet, the girl looked up and saw me, at first she looked terrified, then in the same instant, confused,

"I CAN'T STOP!", I shouted to her, she raised a finger to her lips, then put out her arms to catch me, I was just about to reach her, when she chickened out, jumping to one side, as I fell fowards, crashing down on my face, grazing my hands and chin, my already broken nose gushing blood again, I sat up, rubbing my hands, trying to get the grit out of the grazes,

"Thanks!", I said sarcastically,

"Well I'm sorry, you looked to heavy for me!", she replied, "where did you come from??!!", she asked in surprise,

"Rubble pile number 36!", I pointed down the way that used to be my road, "You?!",

"Oh I lived on the other side of town, what's left of it!", she came closer sitting down on the power stations rubble mound, she really was cute.  Big blue eyes and a slender, pretty face, high cheek bones and a slender nose, that wasn't exactly short, but it added an interest to her facial expressions, she leaned in, holding out her hand to shake mine,

"Jessie, Jessie Atkins!", she smiled, I took her hand and tried a cool, confident voice,

"Nick Carter!", I responded,

"Nice to meet you, Nick Carter!", she stood up, turning her back on me, I couldn't help it, my eyes drifting down her back,

'Dude!, not now!!', my brain reminded me, probably not the best time to start hitting on someone,

"Well, was nice meeting you, Nick Carter, but I'm afraid you caught me at a bad time!",

"Why?, what are you doing?!",

"Oh, I'm going to attack that thing!", she pointed at the colloum, this seemed like an incredibally BAD idea!

"Errr, I'm not sure I'd do that!", I replied cautiously,

"Well, no ones asking you too, are they!", she straightened up, her dirty pink tee-shirt not quite reaching her ripped, skin tight blue jeans, she held the bottom of her tee-shirt open, revealing her cream, silky smooth stomach,

'Dude Stop!', I shook my head as she began filling the 'pouch' of her shirt witch rocks from the rubble,

"Your going to attack that thing, with rocks?!",

"Its all I have!", she finished picking and turned back towards the colloum, "Well, see you later, Nick Carter!", and began walking towards it, quickly, but cautiously,

'Oh for fucks sake!", I closed my eyes, trying to think of a million different reasons why following the insane, hot girl (or did I mean, inanely hot girl??), into the baron wastes, to attack that thing,

so, once again, three choices, three roads to take, but which one should it be............?


The End

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