Go back to where once my house was?Mature

                                              OK, no power on this EARTH, is going to get me to jump into that valley!  OK, I did survive the end of the world, or maybe I should say, the end of the world as far ad I knew, nah, to much of a mouthful, anyway, until I understood more about the 'why' and 'how', I wasn't taking any chances.  I stared out at the empty ocean, the waters I had loved so much, now gone, a dry dessert waste land....then it hit me, there were no dead fish?  Nothing, again, no bodies at all, I mean I could see pretty far out, there should have been something, other than browning sea weed!

                                                I said my final goodbye to the sea, or lack there of, and turned back.  The sensible thing would be to walk back the way I had come, and take one of the other roads.  As I walked, I took in the area I knew so well, so many times I'd walked this road, thinking how the little houses had never changed, would never change, wishing something interesting would happen, anything!  I really hadn't meant this though, not the piles of rubble and dust!

                                               I reached the end of the road, opposite the mound that used to be my place, I took it in, one last time, then moved on to the more pressing issue of which way now?  I decided on the left road, which was now the right, in to town.  I wanted to start looking for other people, surely I couldn't be the only one who had survived?!  I turned down the road and carried on walking, taking in each pile of rubble as I passed it, my brain returning it to its former state, inside my head, for a moment.

                                               At the end of this road had stood a disused power station, its tall chimneys dominating the skyline.  The locals had been begging the local council to have it demolished for years, well, guess they got what they wanted, although I spose they actually expected to be here to enjoy it!  I might have been more upset, if the entire comunity hadn't been a bunch of house proud busy bodies!  Jesus they could gossip!  It was impossible to do anything without everyone knowing within the day!  I thought back to losing my virginity, I mean seriously, you'd have thought we'd invited the entire neighborhood!

                                               The power station had formed a giant hill of cement, bent iron and brick, blotting out any view of the town centre.  I wasn't sure how I felt about that?  I half expected to round the corner and see an enormous UFO over the town!  Or perhaps a giant reptile of undisclosed origin, feasting on a mountain of the town folk, I could think of a few people I'd happily load on the mountain myself!

                                              As I reached the turn in the road, my mind raced through a million and one things that couyld be waiting for me, zombie army, alien invasion, massive crateor, the list went on and on and on.  Finally, I stepped round, and my mouth fell open.

The End

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