Take The Road AheadMature

After arguing some more, with myself, I decide to take the road ahead.


" What logic?"

"Well the world has just ended and I didn't get any logic before it happened! And anyways who will ask for logic...there is no one...NO ONE???"

I am repeating this, as a question to myself, as I am hoping against hope that there is someone out there.

"Maybe the girl from my neighborhood, I always had the crush on and who was dating another guy" 

Two things, I realized, about being alone, once the world is gone. First you start talking to yourself and second you want to take advantage. Yeah I would call it basic human nature to feel less guilty but the truth is I don't like myself thinking the way I am.

As I am thinking and walking and thinking some more. I stop and wonder.

"I have been actually walking for quiet sometime. And yet I have not seen any ocean so far. But it should have come by now."

I now see the scattered remains of the shops near the beach. I see the sand and I see the rest of the broken pieces of beach huts, life guard's shelter and other such stuff that makes me trust ocean was here some where.

"But where is it now???"

As I walk a bit more I see there is nothing. I mean, I see the earth under my feet has given way to a big giant deep valley in front of me. I walk slowly towards the edge and try to see what's there deep down. I feel cold breeze on my face and I get the feeling as if I am going to jump into that valley. I feel someone asking me to jump.

I am scared, I look down. It is so deep that I can't see the end of it. I know if I jump that will be it. But how do I stop these voices?

"Hey jump"

Again! I hear it again!

I take control of my brain. I turn around and lie down on the ground for a minute. I need to stop and absorb. I know I have been seeing all emptiness and the truth that world has ended or the people are nowhere however it has now started sinking in.

"I think I will find someone. Will Smith did, why shouldn't I?"

I am back to my movie mania again. Oh God,

"God??" "Is he there?" "Where is he and where am I"

I have to do something. But what?

Am I hungry? No.

Am I thirsty? No.

Am I sleepy? No.

"Then what do I want?"

I want to be back. I want to wake up from this nightmare and hug my brother and my mom.

I want to go out with friends and tell them all about it and feel like a big deal.

But here I am. Stuck with nothing.

"What do I do now?"

 Go back to where once my house was?

Search around, maybe I find something? Someone?

Go and jump into the valley. If I survived the end of the world, I guess I can survive the jump.



The End

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