A Boy Like MeMature

                                        I stand on the other side of my gate, the only part of my house, or as far as I could actually see into the distance, the world, still standing up! 

"Well, walking across town is gonna be a hell of a lot easier!", humor, great defense mechanism! 

                                        My first instinct was to decide where to go from here, and as 'down the pub' was no longer an option, I decided the best thing to do would be to try and find supplies of some kind, cigarettes would be a good start!  I felt inside my jeans pocket, and found my last pack, six left and my lighter, I thanked god they weren't broken, that really would have been the end of the world!  I lit one and took my surroundings in again.

                                         The first thing I really noticed was the complete absence of any bodies, human or otherwise?  In the movies, the ground was always littered with skeletons or just skulls?  Then my heart started racing faster, what if it wasn't that kind of end of the world?  What if the worlds inhabitance had been transformed into flesh eating zombies?  Or devolved back into cave people or something?  The whole world could be hunting me??!!

"Your an idiot!", I had to agree with myself there, I probably was letting my over movied mind play tricks on me,

"Oh, so now flesh eating zombies or cave people are less likely than say, just waking up and finding the world gone??!!",

"Oh would you make your mind up!!" I yelled into the street, great, now I'm arguing with myself, and probably alerting the 'zombie cave people'!I shook my head,

"Its been five minutes, don't lose it already!", I told myself

                                           I tried to focus on the situation, the next thing I noticed was the cars, or rather, the lack of cars.  At any one time, there were normally four of five cars parked on my street, but there were none now, not even a wreck.  I had expected them to be everywhere, just laying around, again with dead bodies in them, but apparently not in my apocalypse!  No cars, no bodies, from what I could see, no shops to loot (damn, that always looked so much fun in movies!), nothing but endless mounds of rock and debris.

"Well you can't just spend the end of the world standing here!", I told myself, so, I checked the three paths I had to choose from, to the right, the road would eventually lead into the city centre, to the right, the motorway, which would lead further in land.  If I took the road dead a head, it would eventually lead to the ocean.

Left- I had more chance of finding supplies

Right- I had more chance of finding other survivors, If there were any!?

Straight on- The ocean, and maybe a way across the channel, into Europe.

So, end of the world, anything goes, which way should a boy like me go?

The End

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