A Girl Like MeMature

What about Earth? What about the place we used to know? Home. It lies here and there, all scattered around us in piles of rubble.  Forklift trucks forces all the rubbish into a corner of a corner. Everywhere I look is a corner. A corner of our hopes, dreams and future covered in shit.  This is surely a different world, not the Earth we once knew.  Well, thought we knew. The trucks drive themselves.  Earth doesn't want us anymore. People loiter around the mountains of crap which they used to call home; a place of security. Some of them pray with their hands united, fingers entwined.  Together we are united in the apocalypse.

Smoke drowns us, surrounds us whilst our despair multiplies and spreads like an unavoidable plague.  The sky is an amalgamation of candyfloss pink and pastel blue with a tint of grey. No clouds are present at least not in the sky.

In a nearby area amongst the mist, I see a silhouette. A woman?  I can hardly see it amongst all this misty air.  She runs towards me then stops.  She wears a long brown dress that may have once been white.  Dark circles surrounds her eyes.  When she spoke she was out of breath.

"You have to help me," She said desperately. Why me??! "I'm being chased by Bovines!"


"Come on, we have no time!" she cried grabbing my arm. She started running and I was forced to do the same without knowing who or what we were running away from. The moment she touched me, the ground below us started to shake. Rumble. Earthquake! The plates of this Earth was seperating next to us and I could see it!

She wasn't as shocked as I was.  She probably knew this would happen. Who is she? She took hold of my hand this time not trusting me to stay focussed on running. The crowds of people around us took no notice. They are too lost in their own personal despair.  I glance behind me and noticed three hunch men chasing us with swords! Uh-oh.  I didn't sign up for this. They had snouts for noses and long greasy wavy black hair.  I turned to face the woman in panic. Why me??!

Suddenly the woman stopped running.  We had reached a dead-end cliff. A massive one at that. People's heads below us resembled pin heads from up here.  Don't jump, please don't jump.  The Bovines were upon us.

"GIVE US THE GIRL!" growled the Bovine in the middle.  He's probably the ring leader.

Without thought, I instinctively let out what resembled a wolf whistle. When did I learn how to do that?! The woman gave me a reassuring smile.  Out of the blue sky a white bird...NO! a white dragon appeared and flew around us.  Then it landed nearby.  As it did so the world stopped shaking.

The Bovines were alarmed and drew out their swords threatingly.  Fortunately for us they couldn't even touch us.  It seems we were locked in a protective orb. Like a glass bubble. Unbreakable and unexplainable. We climbed the dragons back surprisingly with ease.  It is as if I had done this before...

The dragon took off steadily and a second later we were soaring high in the candyfloss sky.

"How did i know how to call the dragon? Why did you ask me for help?" I enquired to the stranger behind me.

"Because you are a boy like me."

The End

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