The World Ended.........And I Missed It??!!Mature

                                             OK, first off, don't ask me what happened! I missed it!!  Second...please don't ask how the world ended, and I missed it!! Please?!  Oh Ok, I was asleep, YES! Thats Right, I SLEPT through the apocolypse!  Maybe It was a very quiet one?  I don't know, like I said, don't ask me! 

                                          So, here I am, laying under a heap of rubble, which used to be my bedroom, on the second floor of what used to be my house, halfway up what used to be my street!  All I can see, looking up, is a roof tile, which must have been falling straight for my head, its now lodged between what was my stereo, and a rather heavy dictionary, (I'd been wondering what I'd ever need that for!!),  I don't feel hurt, which is unusual, considering my house just telescoped in on itself, on me!  Just wish I could move my hands and legs, which are going really numb, pins and needles in my feet too!

"BOLLOCKS!!",   Sorry, pins and needles!

                                       I try to edge my arm out, very slowly, really not wanting to bring that slab of a flint tile down on my face!  It falls, theres a painful 'snap', great, now I'm pinned under my house, with a broken nose!  But hey, least I can move my arm now, which is useful!  I try my feet next, pushing the stereo and dictionary away, god only knows where, I still can't actually see my room, but they went somewhere?

                                       Finally, I wriggle free of my concrete prison, and stand  The world outside is gone, hell, EVERY THINGS GONE!  I'm standing on a heap of rubble that was once my room, on another heap that was my house, looking out at the world through where my wall once was, and see the whole world, or at least as far as I can actually see!  Houses, shops, the old clock tower and town hall, everything is gone!  All piles of rubble now.

                                I carefully walk over the shifting rubble to the edge of where my house had once ended in a wall, stepping down onto yet more rubble, using it a stairway to the ground.  Funny, my front gate is still standing, the post having been sunk in wet concrete by my dad, it still hangs there, the old creaking metal gate, which for someone reason, instead of just walking around, I decide to open one last time, and step through into the new world, no idea who else is alive, if anyones still alive.  No idea what I'll find, live off or do, or most importantly, what happened?


The End

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