Chapter ThreeMature

That night, I was haunted by a nightmare. It was terribly vivid, and felt so real. The blue sky rained down on us, the sun sending rays slicing through the tall, bright green palm trees-- trees that we were surrounded by. I peered up at the edge of the huge cliff. The drop looked to be around two-hundred feet.

 I moved the huge leaves out of my way as I walked warily along the path. I could smell many scents; the sweet scents of the fruit and flowers; the salty smell of the sea. And the ash. The ash was the most prominent, odious smell of all. I knew what was coming, and I knew that I couldn’t stop it.

That’s when I saw her. Her beauty was delightful; her hair a chocolate brown as it tumbled over her shoulders-- her blue eyes framed by a set of thick lashes. She was stunning, glistening in the bright sunlight. So oblivious.

 I forgot everything as I bounded toward her, not bothering to stop the leaves from whipping at my body. She seemed to be getting further and further away, and as hard as I tried, I wasn’t getting any closer. I desperately needed to get there. A tear was welling in the corner of my eye, as I internally pleaded to God to help me, to get me closer.
“Please…” I whispered, as my energy was wavering, and I knew that nothing could help me. A lump rose from my chest and into my throat. I was going to burst into tears, and I didn’t have anyone. Anyone.

Breathing heavily, I stopped, unmoving, showing no emotions on my face. I couldn’t bear it any longer. “Please!” I yelled to the sky. “Please give me my Kate back!” I pleaded. I needed her-- not just to complete my family, but to fill the emptiness of my life. I dropped to the floor, curled up into a ball on the dusty dirty ground. I had nothing now; I couldn’t move, talk or do anything but cry. I couldn’t lose her twice.

I wouldn’t.

 My own screaming was what woke me. Sweat covered me, my greasy, grimy brown hair plastered to my also grimy, wrinkled face. I was panting as I rose from my bed, and walked slowly along the forest floor to the closest tree. I hadn’t had time to see what type of tree it was before I had succumbed to sleep, and I was too tired to now. I yanked some bark off of the tree; a strip that was already falling off. I threw it to the ground, struck a match and lit a fire. The crackling sound, and the warm orange glow was a homey sight for me. I sat with my hands resting on my knees. I took a deep breath as the world around me slowed. Things on Earth had gotten calmer, and I didn’t know why; maybe people had gotten over their aversion or competition for one another. Or maybe the angriest, most violent ones had already killed each other. Either way, I preferred it like this.

 I hoped it would last.

The End

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