The World Can't Hurt AnymoreMature

End of world dystopian novel. Basically, The Road, but with grammar.

Screaming could be heard throughout the street. The bright orange glow was devouring everything as far as the eye could see. Flames erupted, licking at the sky, but just missing. The chaos engulfed what humanity had resided in the world. Nothing mattered to the humans anymore apart from their own lives.

The blackness of the sky contrasted with the bright, ever-moving flickering flames of vibrant oranges and yellows. A record plays as background noise, a female voice singing of the happiness and love of the Earth; an irony that was just a reminder of the nothingness that was left-- the black abyss with a mask of the Earth. This wasn’t reality anymore than it was a happy situation.

Groups of people were scattered around, most of them fighting, scrambling-- though a reason was not apparent. The blackened remains of the world served as a place to live, but ahomewas no longer there.

Nothing was left but the bitter ghost of humanity.

I glared out at the terror that had encased the world. What had become of the beauty that had once been the centre of why Earth was how it was. Or maybe that beauty was a mask. I didn’t know, and I had no time to care. I sighed as I turned to walk sluggishly back to the wood, a place where the intense heat of the world was shielded. I hid in there, and had been able to set up quite a homey area. I used to own an old, battered settee, a makeshift bed, put together using a few tree branches and a dirty, overused mattress. But now I didn’t have time for luxury, it just needed to be bearable.

The world had ended just weeks before. I had watched it before my very eyes; as my family perished in the monstrous fire, I was dragged away to safety. The innocent, terrified blue eyes of my son as he screamed in pain. “Please!” he’d screamed. The searing pain coloured the tone of his voice as he pleaded for release. The worst part of my life, was when he finally got it, and left me forever, alone in this disgusting world.

The End

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