The World Behind Closed Eyes: Short Fiction

A stolen Prince hunts the strangers of the forest.
It isn't long before the hunter becomes the hunted as the perils of love are challenged.


It started with a crash.

The tires skidded on the icy, muddy road and the car violently plummeted into the nearby edge. It stopped there, and stayed there. There wasn’t any sign of other people near enough to witness it. There were only the trees and the frost. The silence that waited with the afternoon glare of the sun through a thick, grey cloud was dead: quite like the two people in the front seats of the car. Everything was still and silent.

When twilight came one of the car doors opened. With a struggle, a small arm forced the door open and a young child climbed carefully from the off-balanced vehicle. It was a girl. She wore a long, clean, white nightgown with a midnight blue cardigan. Her blonde hair rippled down her back like a pale, golden wave. Her bare feet touched the ground and she shuddered. She turned to the open door to see her brother climbing out.

He, too, was similarly young and had very similar features to his sister. His hair was just as golden only shoulder-length and his nightclothes were midnight blue bottoms and a white top. When his bare feet touched the ground he, too, shuddered. They looked at each other and didn’t share a single word. Their eyes spoke every word, instead.

They turned to glance at the wreckage behind them. Then, without a single word, turned around and ran into the depths of the murky forest.

The End

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