The New Kid

They drove along, colors and shapes blurring by. Lindsey starred out her window without really paying it any attention. She was still tired, and for not the first time wished she had faked sick. 

As quickly as she could get out of the bus, she was washed away by the tide known as the student body, before washing up in the hallways where the river of people split into four different directions. Oh, overcrowding as well. she remembered. I hate overcrowding.

She made her way, albeit half-asleep, into her first class. She took her seat in the middle of the room as the mass of other students continued to dwindle her personal space, until there were people all around her except for a suspicious empty seat to her right. Is somebody sick today? she wondered idly, not truly caring one way or the other.

She was busying herself with little meaningless things, such as straightening her pencils and getting out her books, and didn't even notice that there was a boy standing at the front of the class.

"Class, today we have a new student, " her biology professor called. Her eyes shot up from her desk, instantly catching the stare of a boy with brown eyes in jeans and a band-t. His brown hair looked like it was purposely messy, though it could merely have been the wind outside. His eyes raked over every person there, a slight tinge of mischievous humor to the set of his mouth. "His name is Brendan Miers, and he just moved here from Nevada. I'm sure you'll all make him feel right at home, now won't you?"

It seemed the professor was waiting for some kind of response, but it took several seconds before it was apparent she wasn't getting one. "Well, your seat is the only empty one, " the professor told Brendan with a small gesture in Lindsey's direction.

Her eyes shot to the seat next to her, then back up to the boy. At least he doesn't look too annoying, she thought. It wasn't to say she was happy about this, but at the same time there were people she'd much less rather sit next to than the new guy with a goofy grin.

He sat down, keeping his eyes either on his work or on the professor throughout the entire class. When the bell rang he got up as quickly as he could like every other student, but he didn't hurry away. When most of the people were out of the room, he turned to Lindsey to ask "Do you have calculus next?"

She just nodded, not really wanting to get into a conversation. He then said "Good, me too, but I don't know the way. Mind showing me?" to which Lindsey grudgingly agreed. He smiled slightly before slinging his bag over his shoulder, their eyes meeting again. Lindsey quickly looked away, grabbed her own bag, and made her way out of the room. He's kind of strange, she thought. She turned her head to make sure he was still following her in the crowded halls. He just gave her the same slight quirk of his lips. But he is kind of cute.

The End

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