The World Around Us

This is unfinished. I'll work more on it later. Enjoy :)

There were whispers of who started it.  Just a short while after the wheels of the first car crunched over the gravel drive and one woman saw through the window of her room the single black streak just above the back right wheel of that white car, people began to wonder who it was that had created the night.  For only 3 people saw someone whom they didn’t recognize from the society or neighbors by the time that white car with the mark on its wheel rolled sadly out of the drive at the first light of the morning.  That car came early and stayed late but yet its appearance and the appearance of the members who had disembarked from it are unimportant.  The events of the coming night would’ve gone on with or without the owners of the white car with the forest green upholstery.  That car was beautiful and flawless despite the uncleanable streak above the wheel.  The car showed at a glance the society that its owners lived in.  The car was a summer car belonging to two people, a husband and wife, whose names are irrelevant.  All through the winter the car sat, shut up, in the carriage house of the couple’s ocean view summer mansion which was just 12 houses away from the estate at which they came upon that summer evening.  Although they could’ve walked it would’ve been lowly and concerning to the neighbors, so they took the car.  Exactly 7 days before, the butler had come to the sitting room where the wife was fetchingly draped upon a sofa reading a classy ladies magazine and had delivered the invitation.  The invitation asked that the husband and wife join the members of 210 Lurssen Lane for a high society summer party in exactly 7 days.  The invitation was neither personal nor expected nor signed.  Over 500 people had received the same invitation and on the night of the party 473 invited members would attend and 124 people would simply show up.  It caused great excitement for many because the mansion overlooking the sea at 210 Lurssen Lane had stood empty for 17 and half years.  The wife immediately after receiving the request to attend began the preparation.  And thus 7 days later herself and her husband climbed into their freshly cleaned summer car and rode off, completely unaware of the ugly 7 inch black streak that marked their car.  The wife had demanded that they arrive 15 minutes early in order to fetch a private word with their host.  Upon their arrival they were well unaware of the deep green eyes watching them from above.  And just as the husband glanced up towards the window the curtain ruffled shut and woman stepped back into her bedroom.  Here we part from the nameless husband and wife, though their sadness lives on as they never got the private word with their host and they were instead graciously welcomed into the home and busied with glamorous food and drink and making quiet conversation.  They then become unimportant as the house fills with people and they are lost in the crowd.  Instead we find a young man who lived around the corner and down the lane.  He lies sprawled on the grass of his towering home staring up at the tree and clouds,

“Damn!” There erupts a bang inside the house and Raymond let out a laugh. “Damn!” The voice called out again and in response Raymond lept from the lawn, dusting his cranberry suit with his hands and hurried upon the porch into the hall of his home,

“Is everything alright with you Ida?” He called up the steps, “Keep cursing like that and you’ll have the neighbors talking. You’re a society woman, Jesus Ida.”  Raymond shuffled off to the sitting room where his mother sat calmly knitting on the couch.  Raymond’s mother was a picture of beauty.  Her silver hair fell in soft curls over her shoulders and her dress was beaded and fancy but yet light and flowing.  She graced the world with knowledge and love and did so in a manner of royalty and poise,

“Shouldn’t you be off to 210’s party?”

“Ida’s lagging.”

“She’ll come around.  She’s nervous.  The scene of parties brings men and men brings Ida to tears.” 

“Hell! You are both no good!”  Raymond spun around as his sister descended the staircase.  “Do I look alright Ray?” 

“You look like a high class princess, not let’s run!”  Raymond grabbed her hand and hurried her towards the door. 

“Au revoir Mother!” Ida called over her shoulder as the two ran from the house. A gentle motherly laugh was their only response.  

The End

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