The world above the clouds

no one really knows what lies beyond the clouds but as you read the story you connect with my theroy of the unknown world beyond the clouds.

this little novel I would like to share began a little something like this I was a young girl on a nice summer afternoon and I was lying in the grass with my father we watched the clouds flow by I began thinking imagining in my head questions about the clouds then I asked my father "father what lies beyond the clouds we watch flow by" he then replied "my dear daughter I'am sorry to disapoint apoint you but i do not know what lies beyond the clouds that we watch flow by but my suggestion is that the hevans lye beyond the clouds the home of god your life after death the next life" so I was satisfied with his answer i did not reply I simply smiled I then got an idea I was very excited that i forgot to tell my father I ran into the house to my room found my art book art pencil and my coulerd pencils and I rushed back outside to where my father was lying I told my father "I'm  going to draw a picture of the clouds" my father had a big smile on his face and he asked me "can I help" I replied with a smile and I said "yes of course" we began sketching we started at differrent ends we eventually finished the pencil lining then we heard a soft warm voice call "dinner time to come inside" it was mother we called back in sync " ok were coming" we packed up our stuff and headed in side we sat down at the table and ate our meal it was very good !

later on mother called "wash up for bed" I brushed my teeth put on my pyjamas and got into bed mother came in and read me a story she tucked me in and said good night turned off the light I dreamed about the clouds about what lies beyond the clouds I fell asleep fast.


The End

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