The World

What’s wrong with these people today?

Don’t they know its not a choices to be gay

And what do they care if I cheat on my wife any ways

Or if I lie and steal and cuss and kill

Its just how the world is these days

Its none of there business if I want to live this way

Stupid Christians all the do it hate

And tell me that hell is my fate

Oh please give me a break

Keep it in the church and pray on your own time

Because I’m fine

Gods not real any ways and there is no after life

Once they put you in the ground that’s it

Christianity no loner fits

Its out dated and everyone’s over it

Is what I hear from most today

Its cool for people to hate on God

A being made purely of love

Loved us so much he made the world for us

The world says he is not real

But deep down I think they know they are lying to themselves

So I guess when they die or get killed

They can look him in the eye and tell him he’s not real

And yes I know some Christians get it wrong and try to speak for God

And tries say the God hates Gays

That’s not true the Father love everyone

What he hates is the sins we do

I’m not excluded I have sinned too

I can’t pick up stones and I can’t judge that’s not what I’m here to do

But I do have a job to do

He told us to go out and spread the word

His word

He did create life

And he loves everyone

He was betrayed by his own creation…us

We lied to him

We beat him

And we killed him

But he didn’t stay dead

He defeated death

But the world still says

Ugh you Christians are such pests

Those are 2000 year old lies

You can’t come back after you die

How can any believe that

Has any one ever seen him?

I don’t think so

Seeing is believing right?

Well let me let you he has addressed to that

If you need to see to believe

Where is the faith in that

I’m just sharing the facts

I don’t want to see you go to hell

But it seems like the whole world is under the devils spell

I’m trying to throw you a life line

But you keep throwing it back at me saying we don’t want it

But I’m trying to tell you

Who needs the doctor the healthy or the sick

I will never forget it

A good doctor will do all in his poor to save the sick

But the world and the devil only seek to devour it

It saddens my heart to see the world fall apart

But I know there is always hope

And oh always know

He will always love you and want you and watch over you

                                                                    God is there for you

The End

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