The Lady Elizabeth, And Her Apprentices

"Good work today, Lady Elizabeth."

"Very well done, my Lady."

Those passing by praised the woman, as she swept through the halls of the Reaper's Headquarters, based in London. There were many around the world, but the main Reapers, the ones of the highest status, were either in London, Russia or Japan.

She glanced at them all hauntily. They were the new recruits, and they were trying to get on the right side of one of the most famed Reapers in Europe. She was known for her love for the dying souls,  and her hatred for the living. No one really understood, but no one minded. As long as she could get the work done, nobody really cared how she did things.

"Lady Elizabeth."

She glanced around, to see a small group bowing to her.

"Rise." She told them. They stood. 

The first was a man, with black hair, that came to his shoulders. His brown eyes looked at her, bored, before glancing away, slouching. He was greasy, wearing all black.  The second was a young girl, most likely no older than nine. She was clutching a teddy bear to her chest, and hiding behind the third man. She had white blond hair, and light blue eyes, and was wearing a beautiful mint blue and baby pink dress. The one she was hiding behind was about her age, with light gingery blond hair, and green eyes. He was a tall, thin thing, with no particular muscle to him. He was wearing a loose beige jumper, and blue jeans.

Elizabeth had just rid herself as her last apprentice. He had been too dull. She supposed that one of these would be her replacement. Just in case, she asked anyway.

"What is it?" She asked, her hand upon her sword, half hidden by her long, black cloak.

"We...We've been told to find you. Someone called Alexan Caule wants to see you in Library 324." Said the ginger.

"I see. Come along with me."

She walked speedily along, with the others in tow.

"Your names?" She asked, as she climbed into the elevator. 

"Mike." Muttered the one in black.

"I'm Jay, and this is my younger sister, Masque." Gestured the man, patting his little sister's shoulder. Elizabeth climbed out of the elevator, and pushed the door open. She crossed over to a desk, with someone chuckling behind a computer.

"Dumkopf." Elizabeth growled. A pair of mismatched eyes looked over the computer.

"Fraulin Elizabeth." He nodded. Although she would never admit it, she loved how he said her name.

"Does your master know his dog is on the computer?"

"Ja." It was a blatent lie.

"Move, Lear." The man moved, so that she could sit down. She typed something, and the image of an old man came up. His silvery hair was scraped back, and his grey eyes smiled when he saw her.

"My child."

"Father Caule." She nodded. He wasn't her father; everyone simply called him Father, since he was among the first Reapers.

"As you know, you rejected Cornell as your apprentice. You must pick another. Please try to keep one, this time." He told her tiredly. "You have rejected 202 applicants. Do none of them impress you?"

"They annoy me." 

"My daughter, that is not an adequete excuse." He glared at her.

"I know." She bowed her head.

"Then, my child, please try to find an apprentice soon." The transmisson ended, and she leaned back, sighing.

"God damn."  She cursed softly.

"Fraulin is in trouble." Lear sang, in his thick German accent.

"Shut your mouth." She glared at him. He was quiet. She stood, moving to the desk.

"You." She pointed at Mike. "Out." He looked surprised, but left, grumbling.

"You." She pointed at the young girl. She moved from behind her brother, looking up at Elizabeth. "You are will learn, I think. Perhaps not very quickly." She said, her hand on her chin in thought.

"And you. Jay. Are you willing to learn?" She asked. He nodded furiously. She tilted her head. "Can you fight? Can you weild a weapon?"

"I can fight a little with a sword."

"You'll do. You'll both be my apprentices. Don't disappoint me."

The End

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