Bryan kept buzzing me almost every five minutes, and it was kind of getting on my nerves. But he was always this way. An impatient rascal. And somehow we got along great. Not like peas in a pod, or a house on fire, but more like a log. A log floating down a calm river. (I'm the log.) I jogged to the nearest bus stop, Smokey at my heel and waited. 59k was very infrequent, and I knew it would be at least ten minutes until one came this way. An elderly lady, probably in her sixties, stood next to me. I looked at her and smiled. She returned the gesture with a warm nod, and eyed the dog. 
 'That's a beautiful dog you've got there...what's her name?'

'Oh, thank you, ma'm.' I stammered. 'Shes Smokey.'

'Oh, kids these days, such a bland name for such a gorgeous dog...but never you mind me. I'm sure she loves you a lot, and you seem to be treating her well. That's all that matters.' she retorted. 'Yeah...I said, thanks again.' I replied. 'Loves me, my foot. If she was a real girl, she wouldn't even know how to spell it.' I muttered. 

I looked down the road, eagerly waiting for the bus, and eagerly trying to get away from the old woman. She looked at me suspiciously for a while, and God bless her, that was the only reason I wanted to get out of there. I have nothing against elderly people, and just so you know, I happen to have wonderful grandmother whom I love a lot. That's most probably because she spoils me a lot, but she's a great lady in general. 

A red BMW stopped in front of the bakery store across the road, and the horns blared. I felt like killing Bryan. But I was relieved to see him. I ran across and peeped into the car window. 'I told you I'd be there, Bryan.' I said crossly. 'I was bored!' he said. 

‘Hop in, quickly we- Dude, that’s a sick mutt!’ He’d spotted Smokey, and it took him long enough. ‘She looks like a cold killer man, awesome. Is she a hunting dog?’
Well, at least someone shared my views on her.


He revved up the car, and off we were, not into the unknown, but definitely into something unusual…


The End

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