The Woods

Ember and Amber are twin sisters, elves, and the main characters of the story. I haven't really got a clear idea of the plot, but I'll just make it up as I go along!

Ember and Amber sat beside each other on a log in the middle of the woods. Both with midnight black hair, tall and slender. They were too beautiful and fair to be mortals. No, they were elves, some of the last of them who walked among the trees, but rarely showing themselves to mortals.

Amber turned her head, watching for those who might be behind her. With eyes, orange and dark like amber, she saw a dove. She tapped her twin's shoulder, who peered too at the dove, with eyes bright and orange, like embers.

 We are Ember and Amber. Together we walk the woods, calling to the birds and from them learning of outside doings. Together we have learned that the humans are at war with one another, and that is little interest to us. However, this little dove told us of a much more important matter.

The humans mean to come and talk with us, peacefully. We are summoned to come and meet them, as are all of the elves of royalty.

"Princesses Ember and Amber," said the dove. "Your audience is requested for a most important introduction with the rulers of the humans, who wish a truce. Will your majesties please attend, for this is a matter most importance."

The dove flew away, leaving us to ponder it's words.

The End

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