Michael Found Karen

Michael searched for Karen. He was mad at Karen for leaving her spot.

After two minutes of searching Michael found Karen. He found it peculiar that she was sleeping on the dragon. For when he tried to sleep on them he found it heard because of their pointy scales.

He shook Karen's shoulder again and again, but found that she would not wake up.

Then he remembered a paragraph he had read in a book about dragond.

Do not sist on the dragons whose scales are not pointy, once you do you will fall asleep at once. Those dragons are called Poshion Dragons. They have the ability to make one sleep for hours at a time. Enough time to devour people whole. DO NOT GO NEAR POSHION DRAGONS UNLESS YOU WANT TO BE KILLED!

Michael tryed to get to Karen close enough so that he could swing her on his shoulder, but Michael accidently touched the smooth scales he too fell asleep at once.

The End

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