The Creature

Karen was very cold. She had forgotten to bring her heavy jacket. Oh, how it would feel so good against her skin.

She was worried about Michael. He knew the woods better than her, but for some reason she thought something bad might happen.

She watched as the trees began to sway and the branches on those trees cracked. One by one the trees fell to the ground so close to her she could feel the impact they made on the hard grass.

She heard a sound that sounded so much like her old dog before he had a heart attack, but why would he be here. Anyways he's dead.

But a dog did not come something way more weird did.

What came was something Karen did not know the name of. She thought it looked like a big stretched out dragon, the dragons she had seen in the fairy tale books when she was tiny.

The dragon lurched forward, but was bocked by an invisible barrier. When Karen moved the boundary line moved.

Her feet moved quickly as she ran for her life.

She could not figure out why the dragon had not eaten her. For the dragons in movies always were the bad guys.

She stood still and the dragon stood still. She ran and the dragon ran. The dragon was mirroring her.

Karen found herself laughing. This dragon was cute. She stumbled toward the dragon. This broke the barrier between her and the creature.

She walked forward one step at a time until she was next to him. She started petting him. He wagged his tail like a dog.

He seemed to be smiling at Karen.

Karen very carefully got onto his back and layed her head on his scaly skin. She fell asleep instantly.

The End

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