The Wonders Of The Great Forest

Karen returns to the great forest and again meets her old friend Michael. He shows her the wonders of the forest. That so long ago he forgot to do.

Karen wondered through the great forest. Wanting to get away from her life from everything.

She heard a rustle in the branches. Unsure of what to do Karen just stood there.

Karen continued her journey, for the rustle in the branches was just the wind, or so she thought.

After two ours worth of wondering she arrived in a clearing. It looked just like it did before.

The trees were long and slim. The grass was green and up to her knees. She knelt down and picked up a small daisy. Wishing she was as beautiful as it was.

She walked around in circled looking at the beauty of everything. Remembering how she did this so long ago. When she was just 11.

How she wished she was still that little, then every trouble would just disappear.

Then out of the branches came a boy about her age. So this was the Michael she heard so much great things about.

She studied Michael for what seemed like a while. Looking from the tipof his nose all the way down to his bare feet. She noticed how his eyes were warm and how his hair was cut just above his eyebrows. While she was studying him he studied her.

He noticed how her eyes were like emeralds, shimering beautifuly and how her glasses were at the tip of her nose making her look like a professor.

After some time Karen managed to ask him when they were going to leave.

Michael did not answer her because like Karen was told he was deaf, but Karen was not listening when her friend told her that because she was too busy messing with her string on her top.

He waved his hand and motioned toward the trees on the other side of the colorful clearing.

She followed him willingly.

Michael grabbed her hand because he did not want to lose her in the dark.

He led Karen past lakes and swamps. Arriving in yet another clearing, but this one was quite different. Instead of colorful things this one looked scary and felt unused.

Karen then realized that as the farther they got into the forest the darker things got.

She soon got worried that they were not going to be done in time for her to go home. She would have to stay here for the night. Why did she have to pick this night? Why not another night? She asked herself these questions over and over in her mind not quite making sense of what they ment.

Michael stopped suddenly as if to listen to the birds that were not chirping. he turned around and faced Karen. He held his hand out in front of him. Karen knew this ment to stop. Then Michael slipped into the bushes.

Karen was alone. For good.

The End

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