The Wonderful Wizard Of US

So imagine yourself as Dorthy Gale, a young impressionable woman, who is from the country and therefore has no real education towards anything political.

You are aware of politics but you’re not really sure how they work or why they are in place. You are swept off to the mysterious and wondrous land of US. You are scared but also interested by this new land.

The small inhabitants known as the voters, regale you with tales of the great and powerful US, a man who’s intelligence and strength knows no bounds. But you are attacked instantly by the wicked Republican of the east, she tries to brainwash you with ideas of lower taxes and a greater need for voter involvement.

Luckily the good Senator of the South saves you by crushing the Republican evil and reminds you of how much more effective it is to let the great and powerful US deal with big decisions that are too hard for the small brained voters to deal with. She still feels that you need to be better educated in the manner of Democracy so she sends you on a quest to see the great and powerful US. On your journey you make many friends, the strong and war-driven Tin Cheney, the intelligent but fearful Cowardly Harper and the bendable and easy to walk on Brainless Obama.

You all join hands and skip your way down the paved interstate to the city of Washington. It’s a beautiful place with large towers spewing fountains of black liquid. The air is hard to breathe but it also blocks out the sun enough that you don’t need to squint your eyes anymore.

At the gates you see two armed guards, you tell them you are here to see the great and powerful US. They look you over quickly and step to one side. As you look back you see a group of voters approach, they are brown in the colour of skin and have large sheets wound up on their heads. Instantly the guards bark something at them and then advance on the group. The men and women are shot down where they stand. You smile because you know that the guards are never wrong about who is dangerous to the land of US. They have protected you from that danger.

You move on into the large city and eventually come to a large stone building. The others begin to enter so you follow, you pass more guards as you go and smile at them.

Upon entering the great building you find yourself in a large room with a red carpet leading to a marble platform.

 Suddenly a giant green head appears floating above the platform. ‘I am the great and powerful US, but you may call me Bush,’ the great floating head says with a touch of slang in his voice.

You fall to your knees and plead, ‘Oh wise and powerful Bush, please educate me in the ways of democracy and please use my friends to your advantage to teach me and my fellow voters. The green head smiles and says ‘Have you heard of a place called Iraq?’.

The End

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