Mora Ana ran to her car but then stopped. What was she going to do? She did not know where her sister was. She didn't know what to do. But she had to. Suddenly, the man was in the passenger's seat looking at her with ergent haste.

He said"C'mon! what are you waiting for! Let us get her, now!"
"Wait! tell me what is going on, I need to know! what is your name? Please tell me!" She was stressed. Who would not be is they were in her position?
The man backed down. "my name," He sighed as he relented "Is Dake Olson."
Mora Ana broke down. This man, was her brother. He had left her to track down the killer of her family when they got the news of their parents. She thought he had died as well, but now she couldn't help but feel a sense of resentment for her brother. Hot tears ran down Mora Ana's face as she was embraced by the arms she no longer enjoyed. She pulled away; an emotionless face of iron slapped on her wet face.
"C'mon" She said, trying not to crack "lets go. you probably know where she is. Well, tell me!" The car began to hum and roll and then they were gone into the blackness of the night.


The End

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